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Known industry wide for their rugged construction and reliability, Gast Air Motors and air powered Gearmotors are available in both lubricated and oilless models. These air motors and gearmotors are used in many industrial applications, from mixing equipment to running pump drives.

• Self-sealing vanes take up their own wear, ensuring consistent output for thousands of hours of use
• Variable speed capabilities allow flexibility and versatility in any number of applications
• Cool-running operation means air motors can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 250 F (120 C)
• Non-electrical operation reduces the possibility of explosion from igniting flammable gases

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Gast Air Motor


If you need a small, quiet source of vacuum or pressure, you'll find the unit for your application in our line of oilless diaphragm air compressors and vacuum pumps.

• Bonded connecting rod and bearing assembly provides strength and durability

• Standard and miniature models are available for a wide range of performance options

• Chemical resistant materials on miniature models provide for superior corrosion resistance

• Several options for AC and DC motors are available to satisfy virtually any electrical requirement

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Gast Diagphragm Pump


Our piston air compressors and vacuum pumps are built to withstand the most rugged operating conditions, with corrosion-resistant materials used for critical internal parts. These air compressors and vacuum pumps are available in motor mounted and separate drive versions.

• Oilless design delivers uncontaminated air; pumps stay cleaner and require less servicing

• Exclusive lap joint ring design and stainless steel seal provide optimum efficiency throughout the service life of the pump 

• Aluminum pistons, cylinder and cylinder heads ensure excellent corrosion resistance 

• Stainless steel valves help maintain maximum pump efficiency by resisting moisture and preventing foreign particles from lodging on valve seats 

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Gast Piston Pump


Available in oilless or lubricated, motor-mounted or separate drive, Gast rotary vane compressors and vacuum pumps offer a wide choice of capabilities.

• Oilless or lubricated styles will accommodate a wide variety of pneumatic applications 
• Self-lubricating, self-adjusting vanes on oilless models provide like-new efficiency throughout the service life of the pump 
• Motor mounted or separate drive versions allow versatility in selecting the right pump for your application 
• Miniature through larger size models offer an extensive performance range to satisfy almost any need

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Gast Rotary Vane Pump


Gast's Regenair regenerative blower line for high volume vacuum or compressed air applications offers motor-mounted, separate drive, and models with explosion-proof motors used in Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE).

Double-sealed, permanently lubricated bearings on many models minimize maintenance while maximizing performance 
The design ensures exhausted air is always clean and oil-free 
Integrated mufflers on single ended units minimize operating noise and eliminate the hazard of an exposed impeller 
Strong fan cooling helps dissipate heat around bearings and impeller housing, prolonging bearing life and allowing cooler air delivery. 
All blower models shown are equipped with UL & CSA certified motors except separate drive models 

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Gast Blower